8 easy-to-learn musical instruments

8 easy-to-learn musical instruments
8 easy-to-learn musical instruments

Many musical instruments require years of study and practice in order to master the skill of playing them. But if you are looking for a quick result, then our list will help you. They are the most “painless”, most easy-to-use tools imaginable. However, do not think that everything is so simple. The beauty of any instrument lies in the fact that each of them has its place and role, and even the simplest of them become an integral part of any compositions. Once you master your instrument, a whole world of new possibilities opens up before you. Even the simplest rhythm instrument, such as a tambourine, makes music shine in a completely different color if “placed” in the right place.


8 easy-to-learn musical instruments UCULE
8 easy-to-learn musical instruments UCULE

No, this is not a small guitar. Yes, it is a separate tool. And we wrote a lot about him. The ukulele is considered a Hawaiian instrument because it is the Hawaiian merit that first spread it across the Pacific Ocean and then around the world. But it was invented, like half of everything in the world in past centuries, by the Portuguese. And then passionate travelers brought him to the islands, where the population was delighted with him.

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The four nylon strings of the ukulele make learning easy, and you can learn how to play your favorite song in a couple of independent lessons. Over the past few years, the instrument has become very popular all over the place, and chord sites now often offer ukulele chords as well.


8 easy-to-learn musical instruments XYLOPHONE
8 easy-to-learn musical instruments XYLOPHONE

Many of you remember your childhood delight at how something, any thing done, began to turn out very well. The blows on the xylophone can be attributed to the same thing: no matter what bar you hit, and in almost any sequence – you get music.

The xylophone has an ancient origin – the simplest instruments of this type have been and are still found in different peoples of Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America. In Europe, the first mentions of the instrument date back to the 16th century. Until the 19th century, the European xylophone was a fairly primitive instrument, consisting of about two dozen wooden blocks, tied in a chain and laid out on a flat surface to play. The ease of carrying the xylophone attracted the attention of itinerant musicians.

Mr.Power Foldable Glockenspiel Xylophone Vibraphone Percussion Instrument 30NOTES

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The improvement of the xylophone dates back to the 1830s. Belarusian musician Mikhoel Guzikov expanded its range to two and a half octaves, and also changed the design, arranging the bars in a special way in four rows. This xylophone model has been used for more than a century.


8 easy-to-learn musical instruments HARMONICA
8 easy-to-learn musical instruments HARMONICA

It is widely used in blues, folk, country, jazz, rock and pop music. However, you don’t have to be Bob Dylan to enjoy the harmonica sounds at home. You can learn to play a few tunes in just a couple of weeks, and that’s great.

Since its invention by Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann in 1821, the instrument has grown steadily in popularity. And after the emergence of the Hohner chromatic harmonica, the repertoire that could be performed on such instruments expanded significantly. The first recordings of a harmonica were made in the United States in the early 1920s, although the instrument was recorded on film in silent films as early as 1894.

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After World War II, when the soldiers returned home, there was an upsurge in the Negro ghettos, which was naturally reflected in the music. Young musicians from the south (Little Walter, Junior Wells, Snooki Pryor) now played the harmonica through microphone and amplifier. The “Mississippi saxophone” (as the mouth organ was called in American slang) could now solo to the accompaniment of the orchestra. In the 50s, rock and roll blew up the patriarchal silence of the then music scene. And the accordion found itself at the forefront of a youth riot that drew inspiration from the black American blues.


8 easy-to-learn musical instruments MELODION (PIANIC, MELODIKA)
8 easy-to-learn musical instruments MELODION (PIANIC, MELODIKA)

The piano is actually a reed instrument, shaped like a piano. There is no need to coordinate the movements of both hands – press the keys of one, blow into the mouthpiece, and that’s it.

The tool was invented by the German company Hohner in the late 50s. Since the early 1960s, piano has become popular all over the world. The piano was first used as a serious musical instrument by Phil Moore Jr. on the 1968 Atlantic Records album Right On. She is also often associated with Jamaican dub and reggae musicians of the 1970s. Henry Slaughter played the piano solo on the song I’ll Remember You, recorded by Elvis Presley, which was featured on the Spinout album.

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8 easy-to-learn musical instruments KAZU
8 easy-to-learn musical instruments KAZU

Kazu can take one of the first lines in the rating of tools for the laziest, but not lose an ounce of charm. The instrument fits in a pocket and is very easy to use – you just need to sing or blow into it, playing some notes. If you are a lucky owner of an ear for music, then consider yourself lucky – you already know how to play kazoo.

The use of kazoo is widespread among skiffle music performers – this is the Anglo-American style (guitars, melodic and washboard as a rhythm instrument), but we all know how bravely instruments have traveled between styles in recent years, so if you don’t If you are going to play skiffle, you will find the use of kazoo.

In Russia, a tool like a kazoo has been known for a long time – it is a comb with tissue paper applied to the teeth. For a special effect, it was used by Evgeny Vakhtangov in the music for the play “Princess Turandot” – at the right moment the violinists put their violins aside and played a waltz on the combs.


8 easy-to-learn musical instruments BONGO
8 easy-to-learn musical instruments BONGO

If you have always been fascinated by drummers, but you cannot master a whole drum kit (and you doubt the long-term passion of your hobby), then the Afro-Cuban invention will help you. Bongo is widely used in Latin music and African jazz, but has long spread far beyond these genres and localities. Bongos were more commonly used in Latin American dance ensembles. Thanks to its bright sound, the instrument helped to perform lively rhythmic “dialogues”. Nowadays, bongos are increasingly found in rock, pop music, and sometimes in symphony orchestras.

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The two drums that make up the bongos are of different sizes: the smaller one is considered “male” and the larger one is “female”, the main drum. Traditionally, the lower-tuned “female” drum is located to the right of the bongocero musician.


8 easy-to-learn musical instruments TAMBOURINE
8 easy-to-learn musical instruments TAMBOURINE

Let’s face it – no style of music is complete without a good old tambourine. Only a seriously concerned fanatic will take up the search for an artist who has never used this instrument. And everyone can play it. If you have problems with rhythm, another simple invention will help with them – the metronome. And after a few sessions, you can easily accompany your friends at rehearsals, pretending to be a full-fledged musician (just kidding).

The use of tambourine and its varieties is mentioned in descriptions of the life of the ancient colonies in Greece, China, Rome and India, as well as several times in the Bible. It later made its way to medieval Europe, where it was used in operas, ballets and plays. And then, in the 19th century, the tambourine became popular in America, where street bands played banjo and violins and was used as the main percussion instrument.

Meinl Percussion TMT1M-WH Dual Alloy Recording Combo Tambourine, White

  • Steel and brass jingles, double row — get the best of both worlds with the warm resonance of brass combined with the bright cut of steel jingles (7 pairs of each metal) — these mixed jingles provide a resounding tone fit for any musical situation
  • Durable all-weather synthetic frame with guiro effect — the synthetic frame in white finish endures heavy playing and changes in weather — the frame edge features a ridged surface so you can drag a stick or percussion scraper along it for guiro effects
  • Ergonomic padded foam grip — the grip of this handheld tambourine is padded with an ergonomic shape to fit your hand well so you can play long sets of music or record all day while always feeling comfortable
  • Elevate your sound — tambourines are commonly heard in some of the most timeless recordings because of their expressiveness and tremendous influence on the dynamics of a song — this tambourine delivers a classic sound that can add movement to your music


8 easy-to-learn musical instruments AUTOARPH
8 easy-to-learn musical instruments AUTOARPH

The autoharp does not look like a harp at all, but rather resembles a zither (a Russian, in turn, adamantly calls it a harp). The instrument features damped chord bars that, when pressed, muffle all strings outside the desired chord. To a person accustomed to playing, for example, the guitar, such a mechanic may seem rather strange, but in reality everything is much easier.

There is controversy over the origin of the instrument. At about the same time, two Germans on opposite sides of the Atlantic were engaged in its creation without saying a word: the German immigrant Charles Zimmermann invented in Philadelphia the design of a musical instrument with a mechanism for muffling certain strings while playing, and gave it a name; and Karl Gütter of Markneukirchen created a model that he called the Volkszither (folk zither), and it was this model that was most similar to the modern autoharp.

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